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The color of grasses and ground fibre

Some people think that darker-color grasses mean that have better quality, which in fact doesnt have any evidence. Actually the colors of the grasses depend on the colors of the color master batches, which totally have no connection with the quality. The life span of the grasses is mainly related to the quality of the anti-UV addictives and the compounding ratio.


Furthermore, regarding to the color of ground fibre. Some people wrongly believe that green ground fiber is environmental friendly. In fact, if the ground fiber is made into green color, the additives of the pigment in the lawns will be increased due to it, which on the contrary is not environmentally friendly, and the anti-UV property index will relatively go down; After completing paving the lawns on the court, the ground fiber will be totally covered with the filling materials, therefore, the color of the ground fiber totally makes no difference on the appearance and the properties of the court.


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