Why Choose SUNgrass
  • SUNgrass provide you with not only high quality lawn, but also hope to bring you a comfortable sunshine life experience! Strain every nerve for your health sports and leisure life!
  • SUNgrass does lawn products approval according to strict test and more emphasis on the user's objective experience!
  • Each product will be invited by multiple users to experience and feedback, and also we establish customer service feedback tracking mechanism.
  • The pursuit of the ultimate details and user's  experience first product concept make SUNgrass lawn rapid developing and be famous in the world.

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Due to the lack of the available natural water areas and the changes of the climate, high-quality natural golf courses in the world are suffering massive erosion. The quality of the golf courses will be directly influenced with the necessary water supply and the maintain frequency, which make SUNgrass golf lawns their perfect substitutes. You don't need to water for them, and only need to do the most fundamental cleaning and maintenance.

Perfect Practice Courts in the Backyards

Whether you are non professional or professional players, SUNgrass sport turf will make it possible and convenient for you to practice in the backyards. SUNgrass sport turf allow the golf balls to roll in a short distance across the edges without blocking. The soft texture of the turf can hold the balls hit in any distances. SUNgrass golf turf are highly simulated, which allow most of the installers to set the speed on the surfaces of the putters so as to match golf players' sport levels.

Now let's enjoy the endless fun of playing golf on the Sungrass turf .
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