Why Choose SUNgrass
  • SUNgrass provide you with not only high quality lawn, but also hope to bring you a comfortable sunshine life experience! Strain every nerve for your health sports and leisure life!
  • SUNgrass does lawn products approval according to strict test and more emphasis on the user's objective experience!
  • Each product will be invited by multiple users to experience and feedback, and also we establish customer service feedback tracking mechanism.
  • The pursuit of the ultimate details and user's  experience first product concept make SUNgrass lawn rapid developing and be famous in the world.

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Every tennis enthusiast has own special preference for the sport courts. Players have tried common lawns with mysterious red grounds or even hard concrete for years, but the effects are all imperfect. The latest development of the grass technology makes SUNgrass tennis turf as the best choice for players. SUNgrass thinks out of the box and creates new patterns of lawns. Whether you are unprofessional players who like to play in the slow games or professional players who like to play in the fast games, SUNgrass will meet your demands. The new-pattern tennis system skillfully integrates all advantages of the traditional sport, which can be used throughout the year without being influenced by the weather, and only needs the most fundamental maintenance.

Comfort and Controllability

SUNgrass tennis courts are proved that their high-quality grasses can effectively absorb the moving sand, and ensure players to run want only as well as enjoy the sport without worrying about the moving sand, which highly improve the comfort of the sport!

Now let's enjoy the fun of the sport on SUNgrass tennis system!
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