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The grass used for hockey turf is the most demanding product among the artificial grass series. The grasses for hockey turf are totally different compared with the grasses for football turf or the grasses for leisure turf that we are familiar with. The grasses for hockey turf require the properties including good water retention and water permeability, extremely strong abrasion resistance, superb flatness, aging resistance and weathering resistance, as well as high density of the grasses, non-directional, and always keep the moving direction of the balls and so on. As for the lawns, there are also lots of requirements for the technology of paving, among which the water retention and permeability requirements of the courts bring a new challenge for the construction. According to the requirements, 35 minutes after watering for the courts, the average remaining water on the surface should be 3mm. Meanwhile any place of the water should be no less than 2mm. For this purpose, we suggest to use lime, crude asphalt, medium asphalt, rubber granule layer for shock absorption and five-layer paving method of the artificial grasses to meet the following basic requirements.

Now let's enjoy the fun of playing hockey on SUNgrass courts!
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