Why Choose SUNgrass
  • SUNgrass provide you with not only high quality lawn, but also hope to bring you a comfortable sunshine life experience! Strain every nerve for your health sports and leisure life!
  • SUNgrass does lawn products approval according to strict test and more emphasis on the user's objective experience!
  • Each product will be invited by multiple users to experience and feedback, and also we establish customer service feedback tracking mechanism.
  • The pursuit of the ultimate details and user's  experience first product concept make SUNgrass lawn rapid developing and be famous in the world.

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Providing a safe and comfortable environment and enough space for your pet dogs to play and do sports.

SUNgrass artificial lawns will be your pet dog's favorite lawns. If your pet dogs are already used to the natural feelings of the natural lawns, then artificial lawns will be a better choice for you, whose stimulation effects of the visual perception and tactility are quite real. Your pet dogs will never perceive the differences between them. Meanwhile, the artificial lawns are knitted on the plastic ground fiber. The small holes on the ground fiber can ensure to drain the urine and water. In today when your pet dogs arealready used to the natural lawns, which are gradually disappearing day by day, you don't need to worry about that your pet dogs will tear your lawns or their wastes or smells will make your lawns dirty. Artificial lawns have extremely strong penetration, which enables to easily drain any liquid of the pets, like urine, and the pets' feces, and won't let the urine left over to breed bacteria, and cause diseases. Artificial lawns are also easy to be cleaned and maintained. The most important thing is that the artificial grasses won't cause any harm. You don't need to worry about the slushy stains or paw print, and don't need to clean for your pet dogs before they come back in the house any more.

You will have a comfortable and tidy house every day. Forever you don't need to worry about cannot let your pet dogs play on the lawns which are exposed to the blazing sun, clumped, muddy and fertilized or on which the grasses are cut. You also don't need to worry about that your pet dogs will damage the lawns.
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