Why Choose SUNgrass
  • SUNgrass provide you with not only high quality lawn, but also hope to bring you a comfortable sunshine life experience! Strain every nerve for your health sports and leisure life!
  • SUNgrass does lawn products approval according to strict test and more emphasis on the user's objective experience!
  • Each product will be invited by multiple users to experience and feedback, and also we establish customer service feedback tracking mechanism.
  • The pursuit of the ultimate details and user's  experience first product concept make SUNgrass lawn rapid developing and be famous in the world.

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Prevent Injuries

The quality of the rugby courts will directly influence the progresses and the feelings of the games. Logically speaking, the safety of the courts and the influences for the games are the most important restriction factors. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality of SUNgrass and make your games wonderful. Sungrass artificial lawns can not only prevent your ankles and knees to be twisted, and also can ensure that the physical sports (such as sliding tackles, sprinting, turning, over-head balls and stopping, and so won't cause sport injuries for players.

Enjoy the Games

The wide range of practicality of the artificial lawns is the main advantage win against the natural lawns. Sport clubs and players generally think that the artificial lawns have the following advantages: can reduce the cancellation of the games, allow players to do training in the main sport courts, ensure the outdoor games under cold climate and lengthen the sport season, lower the cost of the maintenance and can be used as the courts for other sport games without damage the lawns. Whenever and wherever you bring in the SUNgrass sport turf lawns, then whether it's a single game, a league or a national game, you will have the unified conditions of the courts.

Usually players real talents can be much easier to be highlighted under the equal conditions.
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