Why Choose SUNgrass
  • SUNgrass provide you with not only high quality lawn, but also hope to bring you a comfortable sunshine life experience! Strain every nerve for your health sports and leisure life!
  • SUNgrass does lawn products approval according to strict test and more emphasis on the user's objective experience!
  • Each product will be invited by multiple users to experience and feedback, and also we establish customer service feedback tracking mechanism.
  • The pursuit of the ultimate details and user's  experience first product concept make SUNgrass lawn rapid developing and be famous in the world.

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Turf Production

Employ the British COBBLE company and TUFTCO company of America artificial turf production machinery and equipments, compared with domesticproduction equipment, it's production capacity increased by 200%.


Precision, Control Every Inch


The world's most advanced Begala technique and consummate British machinery manufacturing level make the perfect control performance of COBBLE tufting machine, it can control the production processes accurately and ensure the excellent quality of every inch.



Function, meet your requirement


Besides the perfect quality, it provides multiple functions, especially reaching the ultimate technology of color tufting. It can produce grass as many as eight colors in almost any conceivable colormode which satisfied customers with different specifications of different styles of products demand.



Efficiency, save half of the production time


Improveproduct quality, meanwhile raise production efficiency, compared with the domestic production equipments, production efficiency increase by 200%.

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